Better air, better health

Some of the most dangerous particles that are impossible to see with the naked eye, can be detected and filtered out immediately by our masks. Because dirty air is invisible, most of us aren’t aware of the health risks associated with it. But, just as we don’t eat rotten food or drink contaminated water, why should we settle for unclean air?

Better Air, Better Health
Mask Design

World Health Organization Says

Air pollution is the single largest environmental health crisis we face. And the stats can prove it: Air pollution is responsible for 1 in 9 deaths across the world as a result of particulate matter entering the body. Air quality is measured in the concentration of particulate matter in the air (PM). Particles with a diameter of 10µm or less (PM10) can penetrate deep inside the lungs, whereas fine particles with a diameter of 2.5µm or less (PM2.5) can go even further into the bloodstream and spread to other organs. The filter material used in the Pangolin mask has been tested to filter out more than 95% of particles down to 0.3μm in size, greatly reducing the risk of pollutants entering the body and causing significant health damage.

Safety comes First

In addition to pollutant particles, anytime anyone sneezes or coughs, tiny water and mucus droplets filled with bacteria scatter into the air. These can make existing conditions worse or bring about the onset of new diseases. Every time we travel, however we travel - by air, train, bicycle, or walking - we’re exposed to various types of bacteria in the air. We use a filter material that has been tested to have filteration efficiency of more than 95% for particles sized 0,3μm and greater, the Pangolin Mask provides highly effective protection from these bacteria and airborne contaminants.

Safety comes first

The spread of pollen

Come spring and summer, the spread of pollen, a fine powder transported between plants by the wind, often causes hay fever for seasonal allergy sufferers. With regular pollen particles ranging from 10-1000μm in size it is imperative that we do not inhale these particles. Our filter media also protects its wearers from harmful animal allergens, usually sized between 5-10μm, that spread through the air and via direct contact with animals.

Because air is such a basic element, we tend to neglect it when taking care of ourselves, but better air is synonymous with a better life. Just as breathing in poor quality air causes stress within the body, breathing in clean air comes with many benefits like a longer lifespan, cleaner lungs, decreased allergies and asthma symptoms, better digestion, and improved mental health and mood.